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Molecular Hydrogen

Molecular Hydrogen

Enlighten yourself as to the marvels of Molecular Hydrogen. In all my years of medicine I have come across THREE miraculous medical therapies of which I have Coined as “One of Medicine’s Best Kept Secrets”.  Among those on the Top Three (not necessarily in order of most importance, relevance or effectiveness but rather in the […] Read more

dr bartiss suzanne somers

Suzanne Somers

Although a bit late…….I would like to take this time to acknowledge the passing of a friend and honor a patriot colleague, Ms. Suzanne Somers. Suzanne will likely be most remembered as the comedic “blonde bombshell” in her film role as Chrissy Snow in the 1970’s series Three Is Company. Others will associate her with […] Read more

Artificial Intelligence And Deep Learning

2020 NAD

Getting Older is Inevitable – Aging is Optional! Modern Medicine does not consider aging as an illness like it does when one suffers from Heart Attacks, Strokes, Auto Immune Diseases and Chronic Infections. Yet, all these conditions-including aging, on a cellular level, is due to the same thing, INFLAMMATION.  Inflammation, along with inefficient use of […] Read more

leaky gut

Leaky Gut

Haroldo Magarinos is a naturopath doctor with a background in biological dentistry. His passion is to empower patients with the personalized information and treatments they need to restore and optimize their health. ICAM under the guidance of Dr. Haroldo offers the MICROBIOME BALANCING PROGRAM that has its main goal to restore healthy equilibrium to the […] Read more

Oxygen Bar

Come try out our new Aroma Oxygen Bar. Benefits include: Reduces stress levels. Calms your mind. Stabilizes your nervous system. Natural remedy for headaches. Increases energy, stamina, concentration, and relaxation. Improves muscle stiffness. Lessens the effects of chronic fatigue syndrome. Improves sleep patterns and many more! Our Oxygen Bar Aroma Menu: Lemongrass Vanilla Orange Lavender Peppermint […] Read more



Here at ICAM we are following recommended protocols put in place by the CDC. Key Goals for the U.S. healthcare system in response to the COVID-19 outbreak are to: Reduce morbidity and mortality Minimize disease transmission Protect healthcare personnel Preserve healthcare system functioning Steps we are taking to reduce risks are as follows: Limiting visitors to […] Read more

the keto diet

The Keto Diet

Are you having trouble losing those quarantine pounds? We all know how hard it is to follow any type of diet and how frustrating it can be when either you fail the diet, or the diet fails you! This is why ICAM developed a comprehensive protocol to guide you through this task. There are multiple […] Read more

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

It appears that more and more patients and their family and friends are seeking out therapies to boost and recharge their immune system through the use of IV or IntraVenous hydration.  Many of us are not fully aware that conditions such as Lyme Disease and Cancer and nearly all chronic ill states, the body has been taxed.  On top […] Read more