Leaky Gut

Haroldo Magarinos is a naturopath doctor with a background in biological dentistry. His passion is to empower patients with the personalized information and treatments they need to restore and optimize their health.

ICAM under the guidance of Dr. Haroldo offers the MICROBIOME BALANCING PROGRAM that has its main goal to restore healthy equilibrium to the Microbiome, which is the vast numbers of beneficial bacteria that live inside and on us, with a major presence in our GUT. Nurturing a balance with these organisms is instrumental for healthy immune system function and creating conditions for lasting health and well-being.


We use a comprehensive and advanced lab testing to provide you with a personalized clinical assessment. Test reveal the unique microbiome needs of each patient so that Dr. Haroldo can apply tailored protocols to restore balance in the gut wall.


With your immune system, inflammatory responses, mood regulation, metabolism, and so many other bodily functions depending on your microbiome, it is important that you know how to keep it healthy. Our MICROBIOME PROGRAM gives you personalized strategies for achieving a healthy balance, along with detoxing safely and effectively using top of the line technology and science so your gut health can continue to thrive with you.