An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cureIt appears that more and more patients and their family and friends are seeking out therapies to boost and recharge their immune system through the use of IV or IntraVenous hydration.  Many of us are not fully aware that conditions such as Lyme Disease and Cancer and nearly all chronic ill states, the body has been taxed.  On top of the stressors that are placed upon the body from the physical symptoms of the disease, mental and emotional factors equally lead to further decline in our clinical status.  To make matters worse, we have the physical and chemical stressors of the far too often  “toxic therapies” used to “treat” the underlying illness -which we all by now agree addresses symptoms and not causality right?

A valid explanation as to the prolonging of symptoms in those with a chronic illness such as Lyme Disease is not always because they have been re-infected or have met with antibiotic resistant organisms but rather our immune system and integrated synergistic endocrine pathways have been overtaxed and jammed up from both the underlying disease and the offending (albeit in some ways helpful) ongoing therapies.  What happens far too often is that in the case of Lyme, patients are placed on months to years of ongoing antibiotic therapy that further depletes their body’s natural innate ability to heal thy self and a vicious cycle begins with nothing shy of a poor final outcome.


Many established as well as prospective patients have requested that we offer optional therapies to help build their immunity to COVID-19 as well as to improve overall general mental, emotional, and physical health and well-being. In fact, nearly a dozen patients have requested the services of our Mobile One Unit to come to their homes and provide IV services to their families and friends.  Because of the global “shut down” we have not been operating out of Mobile One Bus like we had in the past at sporting and other outdoor events.

Look at the various IV therapies that we have to offer.  We can even customize your therapy should you have any special requests.  For those unfamiliar with the various options and what may be best for you I would suggest the following either in part or as a complete package.

1. OZONE (with or without UVI Light) $300/$200 

Ozone is a gas comprised of 97% oxygen and 3% supercharged oxygen with an additional molecule of oxygen attached to it.  For over 50 years ozone has been utilized as a first line therapy to treat a host of disease states throughout the world but has yet to become even “popular” within the United States.

Read more about ozone on our website or other internet sites.

2. Low Dose Meyers $185 

LDM is a combination of minerals and vitamins that are helpful in eradicating infections as well as providing cellular energy.

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