Sinus Ozone

… — … S-O-S … — … STOP OUR SNOT … — …

With allergy season quickly approaching, many of you are thankful for the ending of our the bitterly cold winter yet dread the symptoms that will soon drain you of your energy, focus, concentration and sleep, to say nothing of the itchy runny nose, sneezing, coughing and scratching episodes that literally drive you crazy.

A Far Too Common True-Life Scenario

Patient: Doc, I’ve got nasal congestion, sneezing, coughing, postnasal drip and
headaches and runny eyes. It happens every year and is worse in the spring but it is always present and troublesome to me.

Doctor: Take this prescription of antihistamine/decongestant along with this antibiotic, and if that doesn’t work we will try something else in two weeks.

Patient: It’s been two weeks, Doc, and I’m not any better. What’s next?
Doctor: Okay, no worries, let’s try these prednisone pills and this steroid nasal spray and come back in two more weeks.

Patient: I feel worse and have gained seven pounds and developed a yeast infection [thrush] on my tongue.

Doctor: times daily for ten days and that will surely rid you of the thrush. Begin a low-fat diet and try exercising more frequently. If all else fails I will send you to the ENT doc, who can perform surgery [that at best will provide for only temporary relief and cause pain and several missed work days].

Despite advances in medical technology and “new and improved” medications geared toward changing the course of your allergy season, nothing appears to deter the discomfort or reduce the various pollens, grasses, and whatever else triggers your allergies. And, although many seek out allergy shots (weekly for months to years), symptoms continue to linger yearly and very often worsen.

Alternative therapies such as NAET, acupuncture, herbals, bee pollen and local individuals, but nothing has met more success than utilizing ozone in addressing not only the symptoms of allergy but the underlying cause(s) in terms of repairing a decreased immune system. Conventional medicine goes to steroid use, which will suppress the immune system and over time actually heightens the response to the antigens, causing the allergy symptoms in addition to causing or worsening diabetes, glaucoma, cataracts, weight gain, ulcers, osteoporosis, adrenal suppression and more.

What is ozone?

In short, ozone is a “supercharged” form of oxygen that has the ability to stabilize cells that release histamine – a chemical that is responsible for the symptoms of itching and sneezing, etc., associated with allergies. Ozone also improves the immune system and promotes a natural immunization process within the body by utilizing the antigens or foreign substances or allergens that are directly causing the allergies.

S-O-S Rescue Program is successful

A very successful intervention, S-O-S has been utilized by tens of thousands of from not only seasonal allergies but allergies of any kind, including MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivities), a condition that prevents individuals from venturing outside consists of a series of injections utilizing an ozone mixture with a small volume of the patient’s own urine and blood that is basic mechanisms by which this UBII (Urine/Blood Isode Injections) works is by rendering the mixture sterile and by lysing or breaking up the peptide contents of the allergens responsible for the allergies and symptoms, thus rendering them more immunogenic to the body through the actions of an enlightened and heightened immune system.

Homeopathic Remedies

In addition to the injections, which are initially twice weekly, we prepare for the patient a homeopathic remedy utilizing tinctures of belladonna, aconite, vodka and your urine that is taken under the tongue three to four times a day as needed to rid lingering symptoms while awaiting resolution of the underlying cause(s) being addressed through the use of ozone.

Perhaps the most dramatic use of ozone in the treatment of allergies that I have personally witnessed dozens of times over the past few months has been injecting the sinuses through the gums, similar to the dental procedure of numbing your teeth before injected in this way will kill upon contact any bacteria, virus or fungal infection it comes in contact with.

Bottom Line: For those who are regular readers of OCW magazine or my website, you have been exposed to the wonders and miracles of ozone therapy for the treatment of asthma, arthritis and infection, to Lyme disease and cancer. If you are troubled by recurrent and intractable sinus symptoms,have tried ICAM’s S-O-S Rescue Program.