IV Nutritional Therapies

Sick? Tired? Fatigued? IV Nutritional Therapy Is Here!

A popular trend is now sweeping across the country that is utilizing a simple concept to assist our body in achieving our daily requirements through what some call IV Nutrition.

A new “FAD” has been sweeping across America that is opening the eyes and minds of those suffering with fatigue, generalized malaise, aches/pains and just about everything in between. From housewives to construction workers, actors to athletes, children to grandparents, literally thousands of Americans are self-searching answers to their medical needs and a resolution to their troubling symptoms.

Most of us are aware of the benefits and essentials of having a good diet and.proper nutrition but so few of us make a heartfelt effort to apply this knowledge.and offer our body what it asks for and truly needs. It is far too often the norm that we can continue to ignore the little subtleties (that are actually messages)—which later become “warning signs” that our body is being taxed or if left unattended, attacked! Despite what we think is eating “clean, organic and healthy,” it is impossible to know where the food we eat comes from, how it’s grown, packaged, preserved, shipped and processed—all of which affects its quality, viability and usability within the body.

For this reason, over two decades ago, medical innovators/entrepreneurs launched a billion-plus-dollar enterprise known as the nutraceutical industry. And, although this industry is faced with mixed opinions regarding its true medical value, necessity and efficacy from both the public and medical sectors, its popularity and sales of various vitamins, minerals and other supplements continue to rise yearly. Opponents feel that supplement utilization produces nothing more than expensive urine. Proponents contend that the effects/results are often similar or equal to if not better (and much safer) than those seen through the use of pharmaceutical prescribed drugs when taken as recommended by an experienced and knowledgeable practitioner under the appropriate conditions, indications, dosing and time intervals.

Regardless of where you are on the spectrum, the industry is booming. In fact, when browsing the net you will be amazed at the various applications and sources of these services that cater to the patient. From doctors’ offices to IV spa rooms to mobile RV’s traveling to homes and popular events such as sports outings, literally thousands of Americans are receiving these “tailor-made IV cocktails” addressing the recipients’ needs and desires to fend off anything from fatigue and hangover to appetite suppression and immune enhancement.


IV Vitamin Drips deliver vitamins, minerals and amino acids directly to the body for maximal absorption, thus allowing for nourishment on a cellular level. In addition, higher doses can be given, providing higher, yet safe levels without the limitation these doses have upon the oral route (gastrointestinal side effects, etc.). IV nutrition/supplementation has been used successfully as primary and adjunctive therapy for those with both acute and chronic inflammatory conditions including but not limited to: fibromyalgia, heart disease, depression, Lyme and other infectious diseases, chronic fatigue, disc disease and more. Most patients after receiving IV Supplementation report increased energy, enhanced mood, decreased stress and anxiety, improved sleep, more energy, heightened immunity, improved hydration, and quicker recovery time after exercise.


Using medical grade vitamins, minerals and other chemicals, these “custom-made” IV’s are similar to IV’s used in outpatient clinics and hospitals where the ingredients are based on desired outcomes and patients’ deficiencies/specific needs. The IV route of medication delivery allows for a much higher dosage of nutrients to be administered safely and effectively while having the potential of 100% absorption on a cellular level, which far exceeds that of the oral, sublingual and topical vehicles of administration. For many, this decreases the amount of oral supplements one may need to achieve optimal and therapeutic levels both in terms of daily dosage and weeks versus months of time requiring these high-dosing schedules. It does come at a price, however—meaning out-of-pocket expense.


Once again ICAM is offering OPTIONS to and for your Healthcare Needs. For more information, contact ICAM to speak to one of the highly knowledgeable medical staff members to see how you may benefit from IV Nutrition.