IASIS Neurofeedback

IASIS Has Found A New Home At ICAM!

Many of you have symptoms that have not responded completely (or even in part), to various forms of conventional and alternative medical modalities. Perhaps the reason is because we have not addressed the missing piece. Science has shown time and time again, that a brain/body connection exists, and without it we “survive” but do not function optimally.

I recently attended a CAM (Complementary and Alternative Medicine) conference and was introduced to an amazing therapy that I am adding to my armamentarium in July that may just be yet another “best -kept medical secret” to add to my ever -growing list. I have researched the literature, spoken to reliable resources and chatted with fellow colleagues currently utilizing the IASIS Technology. All have reported remarkable results! I also have personally experienced the treatment and after only one session, my energy and focus was markedly enhanced, as noted during the countless hours of lectures that I was attending at the time and usually struggle through with my ADHD.

So What is IASIS? IASIS is a form of Neurofeedback that resets and redirects the brain’s activity without the conscious efforts of the patient that was(is) required with biofeedback techniques. In a nutshell, the IASIS Neurofeedback intervention is a technique in which you train the body to make adjustments to the autonomic nervous system. The autonomic nervous system is what controls all our bodily functions without us being involved consciously. The autonomic nervous system makes adjustments to our heart rate and blood pressure on an as-needed basis without us even knowing about it, much less getting involved with it.

Neurofeedback started as an offshoot of biofeedback in the early 1990s. Back then, scientists discovered that low-energy currents applied right to the brain through electrodes placed on the head influenced brain wave patterns. Through trial and error, researchers have found that brains exposed to their individual optimal current were able to recover from most neurological as well as other related illness previously resistant to other forms of therapy. The early trials had tremendous success in those with acute and chronic headaches, migraines, insomnia, anxiety, and allergies. IASIS has now evolved and is instrumental in the recovery of those with PTSD, traumatic brain injury(TBI), depression, attention deficit disorder(ADD), cognitive problems, addictions, and pain syndromes.


Doctors have been using EEG measurements of brain function for decades. When leads are placed on the scalp, the EEG provides valuable information as to the electrical activity going on in the brain. Scientists have known for a long time that when a person is stressed or in pain, the brain wave patterns on the EEG change dramatically to adjust to the stress. What IASIS does is to provide a very tiny signal the brain interprets as a healing adaptive signal, thus creating corrective change within the brain.


The amount of power in the IASIS signal is about 3 Pico watts or one trillionth of a watt. Not enough to even notice, much less cause damage. After you provide the tiny pulses of current, the brain wave patterns begin to adjust to the stimulus and bring back a normal physiologic and homeostatic adaption. In essence, the IASIS system reads the change, analyzes it, and then provides a corresponding new pulse rate. As the frequency of impulses continues and over several sessions, the brain learns to stop forming the previously abnormal EEG patterns that were sending misleading information associated with symptoms and disease.


Some patients notice a feeling of improved well-being with a lessening of aggravating symptoms during their first session. Early changes may be temporary, but the cumulative effects of each “un-training” session of MCN, (Micro Current Neurofeedback) brings on lasting and substantial results. Some conditions and select patients respons more slowly and require “tune-ups” but most cases produce long term benefits.

REMEMBER: The lack of symptoms does not mean that you are not ill. Stress is abundant and all types: mental, emotional, physical, financial, good, bad and indifferent will lead to adrenal dysfunction. Prevention is key.