HEART Program

Learn About ICAM’s H.E.A.R.T. Program – Not Just For Women

As a woman, are you frustrated with the signs of aging and what goes along with it – namely menopausal symptoms? Did you know that men also experience similar symptoms such as weight gain, forgetfulness, low libido, and other symptoms of Andropause (the male version of menopause)?

Both men and women can benefit from ICAM’s H.E.A.R.T. Program.

H.E.A.R.T. at ICAM provides tailor-made healthcare through the utilization of natural and holistic therapies and interventions. Dr. Bartiss believes that the best healthcare anyone could provide and expect to receive is a hybrid of both conventional mainstream medicine, integrated with alternative medical therapies that utilize a more natural and holistic approach whenever possible. This can safely and effectively be provided only through a physician trained in both schools with an open mind as well as in depth knowledge and experience in endocrinology, physiology, biochemistry, and nutrition.

Here are some frequently asked questions about H.E.A.R.T.

Hormone modulation is the science of optimizing hormones that are no longer being adequately produced by the body. While genetic programming does many wonderful things, nature’s plan brings us to the age of reproduction and nurturing, and then seems to have little use for us. At that point, we begin to fail. In fact, much of aging can be seen as deficiencies in many of the substances that our body once produced in abundance. Regaining and maintaining metabolic and endocrine functions at the upper end of the normal range for your age gives you the best opportunity for a healthy and vigorous life. This optimal range is in the upper third of the normal range for age.

While this varies with each person, some people feel results within days. Just like beginning an exercise program, you can expect results within three to six months after beginning hormone management. Often the results of proper modulation are manifested by what you don’t feel, i.e., sick, tired, moody, etc.

You should give your program at least four to six months to see significant benefits. Most patients will experience benefits before three months and continue to see improvement beyond that point. Your body needs that much time to heal and rebuild. You should remain on the program for as long as you want to optimize your health.

You will have gained time while you were on the program, but if you should elect to stop, you will experience no accelerated aging. Should you stop the program, your body will simply begin to age again at the normal rate. Although the benefits will fade over time, you will still have benefited.

Generally not. In some instances, medications may actually be reduced or no longer needed. Dr. Bartiss is a highly trained and skilled anti-aging physician will be able to advise you best on this and will be happy to work with your own doctor should you so desire.

Absolutely not. But, as part of a holistic approach to your health and wellness, Dr. Bartiss is happy to communicate with your current health care team, and/or any specialists you may be seeing. You are encouraged to continue your usual visits with your primary care provider and any other specialist that may be part of your current overall health care. Anti-Aging Medicine is intended to complement not replaces your current medical therapies.

The number medications either in oral or other form you will be asked to take daily depends on your medical, hormonal, and nutritional needs. Of course your physician will also consider your individual tolerance for taking medications. Hormones and nutritional supplements are conveniently supplied at our office or through mail order delivered to your home by one of our compounding pharmacies.

Losing chemical substances that were once naturally present, metabolized and utilized by the body is what formulates the code of aging. When we become deficient or for that matter, insufficient, we become unbalanced and weak making us susceptible to illness and aging. The hormonal shifts, imbalances, and fluctuations occurring during menopause/andropause may cause the following: weight gain, night sweats, insomnia, thinning hair, brittle nails, hot flashes, mood swings, lack of energy, forgetfulness, dryness, loss of sex drive, lack of response to exercise, poor focus and concentration and more. Of these symptoms weight gain and lack of sex drive seem to trouble people most.

Fat cells contain an enzyme that creates estrogen – so the body tries to hold onto fat. Weight gain also results from high levels of cortisol- an adrenal hormone with many life-sustaining responsibilities. But, because cortisol interferes with insulin, a hormone that converts sugar in your blood to useable energy, an over abundance leads to weight gain because of continued exposure to insulin. Additionally, when your cortisol levels overshadow your DHEA hormones- another important adrenal hormone, you lose energy and feel fatigued. Why might you have insomnia? Sex hormones regulate melatonin, a hormone that controls your circadian rhythms and sleep-wake cycle. When your sex hormone levels drop, the melatonin production increases which can throw off your sleep rhythms as well as encourage depression.

Estrogen also has an impact on your body’s temperature regulation. A sudden fluctuation can trigger a hot flash. With mood swings, the culprit here is, once again, imbalanced estrogen levels. Estrogen receptors inside the brain increase neurotransmitter and synapse connectivity. Fluctuations of estrogen can cause neurotransmitters to fire unpredictably, creating seemingly unexplainable mood swings. Imbalanced hormone levels can become increasingly complex since it is not only the absolute and optimal levels of a hormone that is important. Very often the ratio of one hormone to another is as important if not more so than are the actual levels of hormone. This is why I so often bring up the principles of “balancing” hormones rather than merely increasing them.

Human Growth Hormone breaks down if taken orally, so the only truly effective way to obtain its benefits, at this time, is by injection. The nature of the hGH molecule is similar to insulin but the complexity of the hGH molecule is far greater than insulin.

As of this time I am unaware of any oral, nasal, sublingual, or transdermal growth hormone products including secretagogues and precursors that have any merit whatsoever.

Many companies that are promoting “Oral hGH” or “Nasal Spray hGH” that can be purchased from a website or a store without a prescription are under federal investigation. Pharmaceutical manufacturers Merck and Pfizer were featured on the front page of the Wall Street Journal in May of 2002 reporting that they have spent approximately $100 million to develop non-injectable hGH products and have failed. The state of evidence-based medical research is overwhelming and compelling that the only way to introduce human growth hormone into the body is by injection. However, once pharmaceutical manufacturers are able to deliver insulin orally, hGH will soon follow.

Human Growth Hormone is safe in physiologic doses. Among its many functions is that of repairing and regrowing tissue. When a person reaches maturity, Growth Hormone is important for cell revitalization and repair. Cells cannot repair, maintain or heal properly in its absence. While hGH is sometimes used to help stimulate height in children who are pituitary dwarfs, it does not make an adult grow taller.

There has been absolutely no correlation between physiologic dosages of hGH, such as those given in our programs, and cancer of any kind. Quite the contrary. HGH has proven to be extremely helpful in strengthening the immune system, increasing mental acuity and focus, and preventing the onset of diseases associated with aging.

Age is not a barrier. Older people have greater deficiencies or partial deficiencies, therefore the response to hormone modulation and supplementation is excellent and almost immediate. It is important to note that early intervention can reduce rapid advancement of diseases, such as Cancer, Heart Attack, Stroke, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Osteoporosis in addition to improving quality of life and the feeling of well being.

Remember… If you ignore your health, it will Leave You.