Colchicine For Disc Disease, Neck & Spine Injury

One Of Medicine’s Best Kept Secrets

When It Comes To World Healthcare, America Ranks 37th And Back Pain Is No Exception…

Back Pain destroys lives and dignity by placing excessive mental, emotional and physical stresses not only on oneself but families, friends and loved ones. Chronic pain leads to desperation and poor choices, which results in bad outcomes. This scenario couldn’t apply to a medical condition more than it does Disabling Disc Disease (3D) and related spinal pathology.

Although several conventional therapies exist for “treating” back pain, very few experience a cure and many end up worse than before medical intervention. Surgery and pain medication frequently require repeat procedures or a life sentence of chronic pain medications – with their associated consequences.

Why Do Therapies For Back Pain Fail?

Bed rest, physical therapy, distraction procedures, chiropractic adjustments, pain medications and surgery have limitations. Therapies fail because the underlying pathology causing pain and disability is left unaddressed. It is only logical that if current therapies for back pain were “successful” newer ideas would not be coming to the forefront. The treatment for a fracture has always been the same- immobilization with resultant healing. The reason new and different therapies are not being utilized to treat fractures is because the current therapy works and is non invasive.

Over 90% of people who suffer from an acute attack of “lumbago”, which is general lower back pain, will recover with any or no treatment at all. Therefore,the purpose of this article is to inform those of you with chronic ongoing pain of a safe and effective therapeutic option to CURE your back pain.

What Is This Underlying Cause Of Pain That Needs To Be Addressed To Achieve Symptom Resolution And Cure?

When a dentist drills a hole in a tooth that is abscessed, he relieves the pressure and the pain is gone. This is analogous to what a surgeon does when he removes the pressure from a herniated disc with an incision. But, if the dentist doesn’t complete his therapy by removing the source of the inflammation-, which in the case of an abscess would be an infection, the pain recurs. This is exactly what happens in several months after the incision is healed and scarring occurs with back surgery. When the inflammation recurs so does the pain. Again, this is because the surgery treated the immediate symptom rather than the underlying cause.

A Medical Miracle

Intravenous Colchicine (IVC) is the most powerful and effective anti-inflammatory medication known to man. When following the recommended protocols in terms of dosing and technique of administration, there is no other form of therapy or over the counter medication or supplement with a greater safety profile. I have personally administered thousands of IVC treatments over the past ten years and have experienced more side effects from dietary food substances than I have heard from anyone using IVC. The FDA however will have you believe differently and your current medical providers will negate its validity for reasons of ignorance rather than basing their opinion on true underlying knowledge of the drug and its use for Disabling Disc Disease. The only reason for IVC’s “secrecy” is its threat to the more financial rewarding therapeutic options rather than to its lack of efficacy and safety.

Why Settle For Some Relief when There Is A Cure?

Look at what your future can and should be not at what it could have been. Needless pain destroys lives by taking away our abilities to cope physically, mentally and emotionally. Drug dependency ruins relationships and self pride. This entire scenario could be avoided and reversed through the use of Intravenous Colchicine. Mark Bartiss MD, a local experienced and well respected Alternative Medicine Provider, has been performing a simple, non-invasive, in office procedure for back and neck pain/disc disease for over a decade. After having performed thousands of treatments and obtaining excellent results in terms of relief of pain and a greater than 75% CURE RATE with minimal to no side effects, Dr. Bartiss possesses the experience, knowledge and expertise to be referred to as a specialist in the use of Intravenous Colchicine for Spinal Disc Disease.

Dr. Bartiss invites you to join him at the Institute for Complementary and Alternative Medicine to determine if you are a candidate for this 50 plus-year-old proven medical modality.

The procedure takes only minutes to perform; it is nearly painless and is extremely safe and cost effective. Although IV Colchicine is often used as first line medical therapy for anyone suffering from acute or chronic debilitating disc disease, you may opt to continue with the treatment you are currently receiving from your health care provider as IVC also complements these therapies. Tens of thousands of patients have already tried and succeeded with this form of therapy including medical doctors, dentists, nurses and chiropractors all of who are primary referrals sources to Dr. Bartiss.