Bio-Energy Testing

The Missing Link Toward Optimal Health

Although I have always known of the “missing link” as a proverb, I have only recently found its truth and validity in regards to optimal health.

I have discovered that the “secret” to optimal health cannot solely be found through the replacement of depleted hormones or balancing of vital chemicals and neurotransmitters which is exactly what I have been doing – and doing well, for the past thirteen plus years. Although I have been pleased with the results of this type of therapy in terms of patient satisfaction/gratification, there are a number of “non responders”- including myself, who have not yet reached their peak performance and are desperately searching for the missing piece.

That missing link is actually the very essence of what we need to survive and although it seems innate or natural, we cannot take for granted the very air we breathe. That’s right, oxygen!

Oxygen (really oxygen utilization by the mitochondria of all our cells) is the key to preventing and healing all acute and chronic illness including: heart disease, arthritis, infections, cancer and conditions associated with a weakened immune system. By itself however, oxygen is not a panacea and can provide only one of many chains disconnected because of a missing link.

In other words, although there are many ways to “skin a cat” no one treatment is a stand alone that will provide optimal health. Balanced and optimal levels of our hormones and neurotransmitters are equally as important as oxygen delivery to our cells. Nutrition, exercise, stress reduction and a good night’s sleep are yet other essential pieces of the chain required to obtain optimal health.

Perhaps you are a bombing (note I didn’t say booming) baby boomer like me, feeling tired of feeling your age, run down, mentally unfocused with no drive, lust or motivation for the things you once thought you could not previously live without. Maybe you have tried (and failed) all known available options for improving your mental, emotional and physical health or perhaps like me, you are already utilizing healthy alternative therapies such as BHRT (hormones), eating healthy, exercising, weight loss, stress reduction and other lifestyle changes in attempts to regain your health yet still are not on top of your game. I have always been a rebel and hope to die as one when my time comes but despite this I find myself believing that my chronologic and physiologic age are and will continue to be on a parallel axis.

But, as both a Baby Boomer and an Anti-Aging physician, I am no longer willing to settle or resign myself to a life of underperformance.

Many gracefully aging baby boomers will misconstrue the lack of symptoms as being synonymous with good health. This is a grave mistake in that being void of “disease” does not mean the absence of disease. It is well documented that the onset of deterioration and disease associated with aging is extremely slow and subtle. Long before a person first experiences symptoms the processes involved are already at work robbing us of our rightful health, vitality and longevity! Unfortunately, standard testing cannot measure these changes because they are designed to provide information of clinical status after disease has already established. I.e. a “previously healthy” fifty year old man who presents in ER with a heart attack was without dis-ease yet has been diseased several years prior. According to Dr. Katz, president of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, 50% of all baby boomers alive and well today will “celebrate” their 100th birthday. The question is: will you be one of them, and if you are, what will your quality of life be like? Low energy (lack of proper and optimal oxygen utilization) is the root cause of every disease and aging symptom from fatigue to dementia, cancer, heart and other circulatory conditions, arthritis and obesity.

Optimum energy production is essential to feeling and functioning young at any age and nothing is more helpful to that end than Bio-Energy Testing.

What is Bio-Energy Testing?

Bio-Energy Testing is the key to high energy levels at any age.

Results obtained through this test are used to create an individualized health and anti-aging program designed to increase your energy levels, prevent and reverse disease, and keep you functioning optimally for the rest of your life. When combined with hormone balancing and other therapies provided at ICAM this soon to be available state of the art technologic advance testing will surely provide us all with the missing link.

Remember… If you ignore your health, it will Leave You.