Anti-Aging FAQ

Anti-Aging Medicine: Look, Act, Feel and Be 15 Years Younger!

Now, more than ever, women are becoming educated on issues concerning their health and finally taking time for themselves to do something about it. With health in mind, it is important to know about treatment options so that you can make an informed and educated decision on the choice of healthcare that you want to receive.

Anti-Aging Medicine is a highly specialized field that involves the slowing down of the aging process and reversing the consequences of aging (such as chronic disease-Heart Disease, Stroke, Cancer, Diabetes, Arthritis etc.) through prevention as well as intervention.

In a nutshell, it involves the replenishing and rebalancing of the body’s basic chemistry by correcting suboptimal levels of Hormones, Vitamins/Minerals and Neurotransmitters.

Mainstream Medicine does not practice prevention and really should be called “ill-care”, to more accurately denote the type of service that you will receive. Despite Anti-Aging Medicine’s twenty-plus years of proven results in major medical journals, their concepts and principles have not yet caught on with most mainstream medical practices and providers. Many refer to these therapies as “experimental”, but aren’t many cancer and other chronic illness drug therapies also experimental? Perhaps if prevention was practiced there would be less need for those toxic and often fatal medications.

By restoring your body’s own fuels to optimal levels, you will not only FEEL better, you will LOOK, ACT and BE better than you can ever remember.

Yes. Although many insurance companies will not reimburse for all services, you will reap the benefits of your newly founded youth and health both in the short run and the long run, beginning with the first month of treatment and continuing as you follow your new lifestyle and therapies.

Definitely. Prescription medications are frequently used as an adjunct to the more natural products that will be recommended.

Every case is individualized and treatments are tailor made for each patient, but typically, Bio-Identical Hormones such as Estrogen, Progesterone and Testosterone, as well as Thyroid, Adrenal and sometimes Growth Hormone are supplemented to bring the body back to optimal function and performance. In addition, there are therapies for specific chronic illnesses that (instead of only masking symptoms) will address, manage and very often reverse the underlying source of disease and dis-ease.

Remember… If you ignore your health, it will Leave You.