Testimonial – Paula I was diagnosed with stage III colorectal cancer December 2011. Out of fear I did six weeks of chemo and radiation. I was told that the 1-2 punch of chemo and radiation would dissolve the tumor. When that didn’t happen, I had time to think for myself. When the chemo and radiation didn’t work they wanted me to have a life changing permanent colostomy operation. From that point on I listened to my inner voice and doing that led me to alternative methods. I gave all the fear, doubt and confusion to God. He put every practitioner directly in my path. It took me 20 months for the tumor to shrink and to receive a cancer free diagnosis. I’ve been cancer free since October 2013 without having the life-changing permanent colostomy operation. Not one of the conventional doctors asked me what I did. But my alternative doctor shared my joy. Major things I did to become cancer free:  first a radical change of diet. Clean organic eating. I did Ozone ultraviolet infusion, ozone saunas, healing massages, creative visualization, received water from Lourdes grotto, healing masses, learning how to let go, acupuncture, gratitude, self-love, and lots of prayer. After the body detox the rest of the healing was spiritual, emotional and mental I give all the glory to God and I thank him every day that I listen to my Inner voice. I detailed my healing journey in the book called Guided Cure. It’s with God’s grace that the book Guided Cure has been completed. For my full story you can purchase my book on Amazon
Thank you for this opportunity to share the miracle I’ve received. – Paula 💕🙏🏼✝️😊