Christine’s Story

My name is Christine and my daughter is 8. To tell you a little about my daughter FIRST she was born premature and given antibiotics which were not necessary at her birth it was all for precaution. Since 3 mos. She had what they call nurse maids elbow except not only were her elbows popping out of socket and the slightest pull, but also her knees or knee caps. Horrible to see her in pain and having to pop them back in. She has had major muscle aches and pains to the point she could not walk some days, to the common person that catches a cold and gets over it in a week not my Daughter she would be sick for weeks and it turn into the flu bronchitis strep throat crop cough and given inhaled steriods. She had a very weak immune system. I home schooled for kindergarten with a couple reasons why and this was one of them she was always sick and couldn’t risk her getting sick on top of other sick kids. So I put her in school for 1st grade she wanted to try it and missed close to 80 days because of her illness. Since the age of 5 we have seen multiple specialists pediatricians doctors massive amounts of blood work done showing red flags and WBC LOW and other levels that were off. No one could figure out what was wrong with her. So they kept giving steroids and antibiotics to mask the problem. Thinking it would work. Im totally against all this but at some point it broke me seeing my baby so sick all the time that I had to try all they said to hope and pray it would work. If you dont get to the root of the problem and fix it there you are only making and covering up the issue or problem. We heard about Dr. Mark Bartiss MD in Whiting NJ. ICAM Wellness center through a referral which was highly recommended so we said let’s give it a shot we’ve tried everything else. She has been getting 2 Hocatt ozone oxygen treatments per week now for the last couple of months along with ear oxygen which you will see in the 1 picture it’s like a stethoscope that releases the ozone into the ear canal which then gets into your sinuses which cleared her up of sinus infections and she had terrible ear infections throughout the year. Which the antibiotics could not cure.. and now is CURED. Alayna now if muscle ache free, has NOT been sick since the 2nd treatment, has her full lively energy back and no more ear aches. It’s such a shame the insurance company’s dont cover natural treatments that actually cure. So I have to thank the staff for always being so open honest and kind to us every time we are getting treatments which is weekly. When u want something bad enough you will find a way. I will post another review on my problems and treatments separately. It has helped me also and given me my life back. This man is curing ppl CHILDREN with cancer and many other life altering illnesses and diseases. I at the highest of highly recommended Dr.Bartiss for all your health care needs.. If you seek answers and a cure start here. If he cant help you he will be honest and send u on your way. He doesnt need your money. He wants you HEALTHY.

Christine, NJ