HCG Weight Loss

The Answer to Curing Weight Loss: The HCG Method

Obesity has now reached worldwide proportions, and society faces a problem that will cause more suffering, disease and death than any other plague over the last three hundred years.

The HCG method may well be the safest and most effective alternative for treating those millions of individuals suffering obesity and its associated health risks (i.e. Hypertension, Diabetes, Breast Cancer, Colon Cancer, Heart Attack and Stroke to name a few).

Most overweight people agree that weight loss needs to become a priority and although nearly everyone wants to feel happy, be healthy and look fit, not many are willing to make the sacrifices required to achieve and maintain these goals. Too many “should be” dieters are waiting for the “magic bullet” that will provide instant and permanent weight loss results with the least bit of energy and monetary expenditure. WOW- if this were truly possible, how many people would race to their healthcare providers to get a prescription?!

Welcome to the HCG Diet

The reason for most popular diets leading to disappointment and poor outcomes is in large part because they impose unrealistic restrictions on how you live your life. The HCG diet has become one of the most successful and popular weight loss programs worldwide. Pioneered in 1950 it has gained steady momentum ever since. Although HCG has been met with much criticism from opponents, proponents and participants of HCG continue to prove its safety and excellent long-term results.

Why is HCG so popular?

The biggest reason for its recent popularity and growth is because it works. It not only achieves weight loss, it produces a significant loss of inches – and from the right places! It melts away fat and sculpts the body to a trimmer and leaner you while preserving your muscle mass and thus the ability to burn calories when the diet is stopped. Muscle burns about 35 calories per pound/day (at rest) while fat burns only a few calories. So, when you lose muscle with other fad diets – including gastric bypass surgery, your ability to maintain your weight loss through energy burning is now impaired since the muscle loss has lowered your BMR (basal metabolic rate) and you will gain back all your weight loss and more in a very short period of time. Of note, the same thing will happen if you purchase FDA banned over the counter HCG.

HCG addresses one of the major underlying problems of obesity by resetting the hypothalamus to a higher rate of metabolism thus preventing the “yo-yo” effect of weight fluctuations seen in between diets.

How does it work?

HCG addresses one of the major underlying problems of obesity by resetting the hypothalamus to a higher rate of metabolism, thus preventing this “yo-yo” effect of weight fluctuations commonly experienced between diets. When HCG is ingested, the body is able to tap into its stored fat, to burn as energy (fat and calories). When combined with a very low calorie restricted diet, the body will metabolize abnormal fat stores, and burn 1500 to 3000 calories of energy daily. This equals a loss of one to three pounds every day! There are no special foods to purchase or prepare, it is simple and easy and exercise is contraindicated! What more could the average overweight, lazy, unmotivated American ask for?

Won’t I Starve on 500 Calories a day?

Absolutely not! When you metabolize fat, it breaks down into carbon dioxide (which you exhale), ketones- a source of energy that give many an amphetamine like natural high, and water which is expelled through the kidneys. The truth is, the “magic bullet” already does exist, in the form of a sublingual (under the tongue) pellet, or drop, or as an injectable shot. However, all three modes of administration will produce the same results.

Why should I choose ICAM for my weight loss needs?

ICAM’s HCG program is second to none. Our fees are competitive and our services do not stop at handing out HCG and saying good luck. We explain the principles, risks and benefits of the protocol, and discuss options to the HCG diet program. We review prior dietary trials and failures and make ourselves available throughout your weight loss experience. We provide nutritional consultation as well as medical evaluation and intervention regarding other aspects of your life, such as: hormone balancing, preventive care and anti-aging. It is this holistic approach that sets us far apart from the others.

We also supply additional supplements that aid in weight loss and prevent the rapid decline in minerals and vitamins often associated with very low calorie diets. These supplements also help ease the detox effect seen early in the HCG program.

I welcome you to join the thousands of (recovered) happy and healthy individuals helped by Dr. Bartiss, who have experienced remarkable health benefits through the physical, mental and emotional changes established through his Alternative and Integrative approaches to your health care needs.