Gut Health


Are You As Healthy As You Think??

Our microbiome is a major part of our immune system as is an engine a major part of our automobile. Just as parts of our automobile need repairing or replacement, so does our microbiome. And, just as our car’s fluids need replacement, refilling and re-energizing so does our bodies chemistries and gut bacteria need to be restored and rebalanced. After we do this, we will then and only then, be able to live to our maximal potential and age free of chronic pain and suffering for many years to come.

ICAM offers the MICROBIOME BALANCING PROGRAM that has its main goal to restore healthy equilibrium to the Microbiome, which is the vast numbers of beneficial bacteria that live inside and on us, with a major presence in our GUT. Nurturing a balance with these organisms is instrumental for healthy immune system function and creating conditions for lasting health and well-being.


We use a comprehensive and advanced lab testing to provide you with a personalized clinical assessment. Tests reveal the unique microbiome needs of each patient so we can apply tailored protocols to restore balance in the gut wall.


With your immune system, inflammatory responses, mood regulation, metabolism, and so many other bodily functions depending on your microbiome, it is important that you know how to keep it healthy. Our MICROBIOME PROGRAM gives you personalized strategies for achieving a healthy balance, along with detoxing safely and effectively using top of the line technology and science so your gut health can continue to thrive with you.

At ICAM, we are aware and accepting of the fact that no one lives forever. What we do not subscribe to is not taking an active part in your own health care. You are your own best healthcare provider and we are simply your coach. If we all practice prevention, even those of us with “bad genes” can aspire to a long and fruitful life. So, go ahead and take a few moments and take the test and an ICAM representative will discuss your results and provide you with many options you have available here at ICAM to regain and maintain your optimal health.

This questionnaire is designed to help assess your years of exposure of damaging elements to your gut microbiome which is synonymous to your life’s source. As you will see from the questions below, many factors affect our “necessary and needed” bacteria in our gut throughout our lifetime with the biggest and most damaging interference occurring within the first several months of (and including) our birth.

REMEMBER: If You Ignore Your Health It Will Leave You…
Aging is INEVITABLE, getting older is OPTIONAL

1. Were you born by c-section?

2. Were you a preterm baby?

3. Where you breastfed for at least 6 months?

4. Did you have formula as a child?

5. Did you have ear infections treated with antibiotics as a child?

6. Did you have strep throat treated with antibiotics as a child?

7. Did you have any allergies as a child?

8. Did you live near a golf course, farm, factory or a highway as a child?

9. For women, have you ever taken birth control pills?

10. Do you have any food sensitivities or allergies?

11. Do you feel bloated after eating?

12. Do you have chronic constipation or diarrhea?

13. Do you eat mostly organic fruits and vegetables?

14. Do you have asthma?

15. Do you frequently eat fast food?

16. Do you smoke?

17. Do you have any autoimmune disease?

18. Do you have dry skin, or do you get skin rashes frequently?

19. Do you have anxiety, depression or any mood disorder?

20. Do you sleep well?

21. Do you feel full of energy when you wake up?

22. Do you currently take any prescription drug?

23. Do you travel frequently by plane (4 times or more per year?)

24. Do you make most of your meals at home?

25. Do you use frequently hand sanitizer or other body sanitizer?

26. Do you use antiseptic or antimicrobial mouthwashes or toothpastes?

27. Have you been on oral antibiotic treatments 3 or more times in your life?

28. Are you exposed frequently to chemical substances or air pollutants?

29. Do you do outdoor activities at least once a week?

30. Do you use makeup, body creams or sunscreen in a daily basis?

31. Did you have any surgery in your life?

32. Do your gums swell or bleed frequently?

33. Do you drink soft drinks or energy drinks?

34. Do you drink chlorinated water?