Toxic Burden Surviving A Toxic World

Short of  living in a plastic bubble (and who knows these days about plastics), there is no way of avoiding a “toxic load”.  We live in a world that is bathed in toxins and most of us don’t even realize it.  The reason for our ignorance is that we don’t attribute our calamities and ill health to these FDA approved products. If you’re like most people, living in a metropolitan, urban, or suburban community, you should be especially concerned. Cities are among the most polluted areas of the world. Some of the worst offenders that contribute to this environmental onslaught include noise pollution, tobacco smoke, vehicle emissions, acid rain, industrial run-off, sewage disposal, domestic waste, and herbicides and pesticides.

Check this out: Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York conducted a groundbreaking study, in collaboration with the Environmental Working Group (EWG) and Commonwealth. Researchers at two major laboratories found an average of 91 industrial compounds, pollutants, and other chemicals in the blood and urine of only nine volunteers from five different cities, with a total of 167 chemicals found in the group.  Like most of us, the nine people tested do not work with chemicals on the job and do not live near an industrial facility. Of the 167 chemicals found in those nine tested individuals:

  • 76 are known to cause cancer in humans or animals
  • 94 are toxic to the brain and nervous system, and
  • 79 cause birth defects or abnormal development.
Body Burden & Toxins

“Body Burden” is the physiological accumulation of the many toxic chemicals and pollutants that are inescapably a part of our lives and bodies.

Many cities hold low standards where our health is concerned. Take the issue of tap water. The EWG published a report stating that over 300 pollutants have been found in U.S. tap water, more than half of which are not subject to regulation, and some of which, even though regulated, were above allowed guidelines.

Then of course, there’s smog so bad in some cities that children are told to not play outside for fear of sudden respiratory problems, visits to the emergency room, and even elevated mortality rates.

As for food production and processing, most of the food that is bought and served in the city (in marketplaces and restaurants alike) has had to travel long distances from where it is originally grown or made. Food loses nutrient density during travel, and many food companies add chemicals to preserve and color the foods that they hope will make it to your plate. This is a far cry from the fresh fruits and vegetables that used to be grown at the local farm and sold at the local farmer’s market.

Nearly everyone from any industrialized nation is a classic example of a walking Petri dish of chemicals, pesticides, food additives, and heavy metals, not to mention the residues of pharmaceuticals, legal drugs (like alcohol, tobacco, and caffeine), and illegal drugs (like heroin, cocaine, and marijuana). The sad but undeniable truth is that we have created a living environment that is toxic to our bodies.

No one knows how long some of these chemicals remain inside us once they are ingested that become part of our chemical composition and thus metabolized into (sometimes) even more invasive and life threatening byproducts. Even the toxins that our bodies do know how to break down require extra metabolic energy expenditure to complete the detoxification process. That means less energy for other important things like keeping the immune system up to speed and utilizing oxygen and other essentials efficiently and optimally.

The danger in missing the signs and symptoms of adrenal fatigue is that a patient suffers needlessly and the long-term symptoms that should and could have been avoided lead to end stage adrenal disease, surgical complications and death. Think about this —

The Answer: In A Word, DETOXIFICATION!!!


We must first start by decreasing our toxic load. This would best be served by eliminating the bad stuff from our diet including; caffeine, alcohol, smoking, GMO’s (genetically modified foods) and drinking (more) purified water. You may then want to learn more about the toxic cleaning supplies that we use, one of which has the same active ingredient used to treat osteoporosis!


Focus on cellular detoxification where we can remove the body burden of toxins that have been placed on our natural detoxification organs: liver, kidneys, colon, lymph, lungs and skin.


Keep the process going by recruiting your loved ones and friends to do the same and fight for a cleaner, healthier environment. Lets put an end to the herbicidal, pesticidal, fungicidal and suicidal environment we live in. Together we can make a difference!

Dr. Bartiss has developed protocols utilizing various modes of detoxification under the acronym SOS. It includes awareness, lifestyle and dietary changes, substitution of commonly used products and various detoxification modalities including ozonated sauna and organ specific cellular detox supplements.