Adapt – 90 Capsules


Adapt provides targeted B-vitamins, including high dose-pantothenic acid and biotin, bioavailable minerals, and organic herbal extracts focused on supporting adrenal function.

Supplementation with Adapt promotes healthy cortisol function and improves adaptability to stress.*

*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.



Helping Your Body Adapt to Stress

When you find yourself under a lot of pressure or experiencing anxiety, your body starts to consume important nutrients to help it deal with the stress.

As a result, your systems may become depleted of those key nutrients. Adapt from InterPlexus is a supplement designed to promote natural stress relief. It can provide vitamins, minerals and herbs that have the potential to offer adrenal support.

  • Common uses for Adapt include:
    • Fighting fatigue
    • Supporting vitality
    • Maintaining emotional balance
  • Supports the pro-anabolic state
  • Provides important co-factors in the utilization of DHEA for protein synthesis
  • Provides support for glycemic control for a more steady energy delivery
  • Helps in pregnenolone synthesis and utilization

Under stress, you may experience a reduction of critical co-factors that are essential in protein and carbohydrate metabolism. That means your body could be quickly using up nutrients involved in blood sugar control and protein turnover.

Your body might need more adrenal support when you’re under stress. And let’s be honest – who isn’t these days? Try Adapt, and replenish what’s being used up during stressful times.


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